Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Got milk?

I have a CRAZY toddler on my hands. Silly thing loves to go around in circles until he makes himself dizzy. Then, he'll spin the other way. I'm not quite sure why he'll start spinning in the opposite direction, but possibly he think that if he goes the opposite way he'll undo the dizziness caused from the first round of spinning. It's either that or he has a fun time switching up sides. I think it's all in preparance for fast rides when he is older. It might be my own fault. The last time we went to Disneyland I allowed him to go in the teacups as long as no spinning was involved. I guess he's decided he'd rather spin than not. Like mother like son I suppose. (WARNING: you may get dizzy from watching this footage)

And after working up an appetite, Logan's ready for a snack. This little monster goes coocoo for his "MEEEEEELK." Thank goodness my heart melts everytime I hear his little voice or being asked for milk 50 times a day would get a bit monotonous. He's going to be one strong boy!

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