Sunday, September 14, 2008

lazy weekend

Well, not too much to add today. We had a pretty lazy Sunday, and it was wonderful. I did a lot of planning for our New York/ Toronto trip in October and Logan did what he does best.... getting into trouble. He's just at that age where he tests his limits EVERY time he does something he knows he's not supposed to. His newest fascination: light switches. We have a bench by the front door that allows Logan to reach the light switches when standing up on it. It's also conveniently located next to the infamous shoe rack that Logan gets into multiple times a day. When I'm picking up or getting some work done downstairs and Logan wanders into the living room, I know he's up to no good when he's a little too quiet for my liking (the blinking lights from the light switches are also a dead giveaway.) He's been a climber since before he learned how to walk, and this is taking it to a whole new level!

As for me, since I am a new mother I am learning new things about parenting each and every day. Today, I learned an important lesson: don't take Logan through the carwash!!! Logan has a pretty good sense of humor and usually isn't easily scared. We play a game downstairs where Logan runs out of the family room into the living room and I have just enough time to hide behind a piece of furniture. He'll run back in a few seconds later and will have to "find" mommy. When he does I say boo and he runs right over to me squealing. Well, that being said, I have never seen Logan this scared before, except from the occasional scare from the vaccum or the next door neighbors giant dog. Anyway, the second the sprayer hit the car Logan freaked out. I felt so bad!! In the five minutes it took to wash the car Logan had pulled a Houdini and had gotten half his body out of the carseat restraints and had his body turned and looking at me with a look of sheer fear on his face (I still have Logan RF). Anyway, he was better after the wash was all done but I did have to pull to the side after we got out, let him know everything was okay, and get him back in his carseat.

Well, that was about it. No pictures or video today (I was lazy and didn't empty my memory card) so hopefully I'll get some great pictures and video tomorrow to compensate for today. I did, however, add a picture Logan had taken a few months back in a Radio Flyer car. I thought it was fitting considering his terrifying experience in the car today. My mission for tomorrow is to finally get a picture of Logan's molar. It'll be a daunting task, but I'm up for the challenge!!

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